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Open SDK platform for creating customized post-processing applications to optimize your workflow and patient-centric care.

Re-use Available Components

Receive access to all available components and expertise as part of the Olea developer community.

Shorten Development Time

Accelerate your development and deployment lifecycles by leveraging our intuitive user interface.

Olea Medical's package includes a framework (SDK) and starter kit

Our new Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the integration of your research using multiple programming language options (Java, Python, C, C++, MatLab, and more).

With the cutting-edge framework provides advanced developer capabilities while also offering an essential array of built-in options (algorithms and UX) that are already used and validated within our core Olea solutions. By leveraging these presets and focusing on algorithms that are specific to your requirements, you can efficiently generate a testable and verifiable application using our user-optimized SDK program.

Some of the central features available on this unique platform include a Dicom reader, advanced post-processing algorithms, batch processing, viewer, and measurement and volume tools.

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Graphical Object Interface

A ground-breaking didactic and intuitive user interface, powered with drag-and-drop features along with object representation of products and by products of software development, allows management of dependencies and code implementation in the blink of the eye, offering extensibility throughout product life cycle.

Sustainable Development

Our innovative developer platform allows for simplified programming. Refactoring and coding are made easier thanks to specifically located and isolated objects. The maintenance is transverse throughout all the applications, avoiding repetitive correction.

Versatile Developer Platform

Increase efficiency thanks to cross-development within the same user interface. Control your programming from several supported languages without the need to change workspaces.

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